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March 22, 2021

Navigating Anxiety with Special Guest: Coach Dee Woolridge

Navigating Anxiety with Special Guest: Coach Dee Woolridge

This episode is such a treat for Lisa and I to have the amazing Success Coach Dee Woolridge join us for a conversation about Anxiety. Dee also gives Lisa and I some tips on how to work with anxiety daily.    

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More about Dee: (In her own words from her website)   Hey there friend.  We all have a story created from our history. Some experiences are so profound that they leave a wound.  How we perceive our story creates our daily narrative.  Life is complicated, messy, and full of contrast. Our childhood minds can’t comprehend all we’re taking in. We process the information as best as we can, then grow up with childhood skills that we try to apply to adult situations, which never works.  We push through life but still end up feeling, anxious, unworthy, insecure, trapped and dissatisfied with life.  I too have a history and a story. As the 9th of 13 children, I felt forgotten, invisible, fearful and unworthy. Because of those feelings, I became an overachiever to get the attention I sought from my mom. I had to put in more effort, be more, and have more. At the same time, I was learning to downplay my achievements as not to outshine my siblings for fear of not being accepted by them. Then there were the times when I just didn't feel good enough.   My drive to over-achieve often led to overwhelm, anxiety, and burn-out. And although I achieved success, I felt like it wasn’t safe to shine, which led to insecurity and self-sabotage.  This constant, “pull to me - push away from me”, kept me in a cycle of despair. On the outside, I appeared confident and strong. On the inside, I was that little girl who just needed to feel safe and loved.    My journey of transformation began when my daughter was born severely premature. I knew I had to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and become a better version of myself... fast!    I did and still do the work to overcome and appreciate my story. To stand on it instead of in it. I now know It is because of my profound challenges including breast cancer and financial loss, that  I’ve discovered my purpose to  teach, speak, write, coach and serve in a way that helps others grow.   A Course in Miracles says, "Teach to learn.  Learn to Teach"   For over two decades, It is has been my mission, my privilege, my honor to do just that. I’ve become a guide for others like you to have victory over any challenge. You like I are a perfect, whole and complete child of God. Resilient and strong.   Lets Build Success Together!

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